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Dreamer Useful Links: A Mini Dreamer Portal

Time for a little pimping! :D
Here for you a mini Dreamer portal with all the useful Dreamer links i know

If you want me to add other links (Sites about M&L only or where people can find things about them like screencaps, lj icons, fanarts, fanfictions etc etc) reply to this post and i will add them ;)

Official Fanlistings
Dreamer Websites
Dreamerpedia (M&L encyclopedic sources)
Jason and Shiri sites
Media Resources (screecanps, clips, fanarts..)
@ Livejournal

εïз Dreamer useful links εïз

Official Fanlistings

Roswell related

Cherish, Official Max and Liz Fanlisting

Liz Parker Fanlisting

Max Evans Fanlisting
| another link

Liz's room

Liz's journal

Bob the jeep - Max's season 1 car

roswell the fanlist

Actors fanlistings

Shiri Appleby

Jason Behr

dreamer websites

The Definitive Dreamer Dictionary (english)

Max and Liz Shrine (italian)

Everlasting Connection (english) - hiatus

Roswell The Promise (english)

Dreams Await (english)



Max&Liz on Fanhistory

Max Evans @ Wikipedia

Liz Parker Evans @ Wikipedia

actor sites


Jason Behr Unlimited

Shiri Online

media dreamer sites

Cosmicdream Dreamer Art site

CosmicDream Max Arts Shrine

CosmicDream Liz Arts Shrine

CosmicDream Dreamer Animations

Roswell Music (Dreamer Music Videos)

Images Of Roswell - Dreamer Animations

Dreams Await - A Max&Liz arts collection and gallery

Sites where you can find Dreamer video clips /// 2 (english )

Bruised Soul - has many Dreamer video clips in the media section

Sites where you can find Dreamer screencaps

Granolith, a screencap directory for Roswell

Screencaps Paradise (all seasons, not all the episodes) (all seasons)

Random Roswell Stuff (complete season 1, part of season 2)

DayDreaming (all seasons, not all the episodes )

Cap it- roswell

Striped Wall - Roswell (all seasons)


check Jason and Shiri sites too

dreamer fanfictions sites

Roswell Fanatics (bigger one)

Roswell The Promise Dreamer Fanfiction archive

I Shall Believe


Alien Blast

Deejonaise Dreamer Fanfictions

Majesty's Archive

WR Dreamer fanfictions


you could check too where you can find tons of Dreamer ff, but that site is a mess and they don't have single categories for each shipper.
Anyway here a group that collect some of the best dreamer fanfictions that you can find at
Transcendent Love - Max&Liz archive

on livejournal ...


Shiri fan guide

Shiri Appleby Community

Jason behr Community

Behr daily

Max and Liz stillness

Jason Behr Stillness

Shiri Appleby Stillness


enjoy ^^

*Updated: may 2010
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  • update: useful links

    Just letting you know that i updaded the Useful Links page adding some screencaps sites. I also corrected the urls that didn't work.

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