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Dreamer Idolatry - Max&Liz Community

..the world changed because an alien boy loved a human girl..

♥ °o.O ♥ Max and Liz Community ♥ O.o° ♥
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All Members , Moderated
Community for the fans of the relationship between Max Evans and Liz Parker from Roswell

Welcome to DREAMER IDOLATRY , a LiveJournal community for fans of the relationship between Max Evans and Liz Parker from the tv-show Roswell and all the kind of arts they inspire. Here you can post fanfictions, fan art, icons, fanmixes, screencaps... anything relating to Max/Liz.
The runners of this community are _coccy_ and antar82.

Any questions, comments, or requests? Feel free to message any of the mods

* This community is under moderated posting. *

01. Love Max&Liz. No bashing of Max&Liz or the single characters and the actors who played them (Jason Behr and Shiri Appleby) will be tolerated here, and this kind of posts will be deleted. Same goes for posts/comments that state how much one of them is better than the other one. Everyone has the right to have their own opinion; however, it's obvious that this is a community for Max/Liz fans so any form of bashing won't be tolerated here.
02. The posts here must be Max/Liz related ONLY. Posts not relating to them will be deleted.
03. Constructive criticism is allowed, offenses and bashing against the members are not. Same for trolls. Respect the opinions of others.
04. Please always credit the authors when you use something you find here.
05. All the graphics used for the layout of this community can't be used on other sites or posted somewhere without our permission.
06. DO NOT come here to promote your own communities only. There are enough places out there to do that. However we do not mind a link to another community/site Max/Liz related so feel free to post them.
07. Be aware. This community and the posts written here could be not Tess-friendly (and not friendly to other UC couples involving Max or Liz). If you're a Dreamer who likes her no problem but it's possible that other Dreamers don't share the same opinion and we can't prohibit negative comments toward her just like we won't prohibit positive comments.

02.what you can post here,
This is an Artistic Community about Max and Liz. Members can post here anything that is related to M&L especially things like:

* - lj icons, fanarts, wallpapers, mood themes, blends and any other graphic goodies
* - fanfictions recs (do not post the entire ff please, just your recs with a link to where people can find the whole story)
* - M&L recs (posts about Max and Liz and your feelings about them, polls, discussions about them etc etc)
* - screencaps, roswell music soundtrack or fanmixes about the couple.

03.guidelines for posting,

01. Icon posts that are not tagged, have previews that are not Max/Liz-related and don't link directly to the specific graphics post will be rejected.
02. lj-cut is your best friend! Large/several images (over 500px wide), fanmixes (a preview is okay), fanfictions, and posts containing more than 4 icons must be under a lj-cut.
03.When posting fanfiction recs please do not post them entirely here and use the following format:



Link: <-- where we can read the fanfiction)
Teaser: (optional, if too long use the lj-cut)
Review (optional, if you're not the author of the fanfiction)

you can easily copy it from here:

04.Tag your posts using the existing tags! this is very important! One of the purposes of this community is to create a good archive where the fans can find things by looking at old replies too. If you use the tags then people will find your posts even if you posted them months before! It's useful
here the tags of this community (you can also see them in the sidebar)

05. Please do not use fancy text or large font sizes in your posts. The font should remain the default size and do not abuse the caps lock key or netspeak language.
04.link to us,

05.promotional banners,
banners made by Glo for promoting the community, snag them if you like them :)
* wanna be one?*

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